Our Story

Established in 2013, Gehrich is the eponymous label of Melbourne designer - Samantha Gehrich. Built on a philosophy of quality over quantity and sustainability, Samantha creates pieces that are exclusive, luxurious and made to stand the test of time. Blending classic style with contemporary flair and an element of 60's mod, Samantha strives to design wearable garments that can seamlessly fit into any modern wardrobe while having the ability to transcend seasons. 

After graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2008, Samantha decided to focus her creative talent on designing outerwear as a platform into the fashion industry. Having long been influenced by her rural upbringing, the natural world plays a big role in dictating the movement and functionality of every design as well as fabrication. For this reason quality natural fibres such as merino wool, cashmere and silk are all favoured textiles and feature heavily in each collection. Each style is imprinted with an element of the designers fun and quirky creative sense and this is reflected in details such as oversized collars, layered cuffs or the freedom of a trapeze cut - subtle injections of artistic flair that add to the appeal of this affordable luxury brand


Our Brand Values


Considered design

Each Gehrich piece is an original design led by our designer and founder - Samantha Gehrich. Our designs are considered in both form and function, with a strong focus on creating timeless styles that make you look and feel exceptional.

Sustainable Collections

We believe that less is more. Collection sizes and production numbers are purposely
limited by us in order to create a more exclusive and sustainable brand.

Ethical Operation

At GEHRICH we are dedicated to operating in an ethical and socially responsible way.
We choose to produce garments in Australia and support local industry wherever possible. In cases where we do use offshore partners and suppliers, we ensure that they are carefully selected and can demonstrate ethical, environmental and social values in their business operation.   


We won't sell you a fantasy. We live, work and play in the real world. We
value courtesy and like our customers, we expect responses to questions,
assistance with a problem and transparency where it counts.


About the Designer


Where to start? First let me introduce myself as the crazy kid in the picture with the glasses. My name is Sam and I am the design face behind Gehrich. I’ve granted myself permission to pare this page back and be myself in a bid to give you an idea of what makes me tick as a designer. Let me tell you, if that question was easy to answer, we would be finished already and I would fill the rest of the page with an over-sized picture of something inspiring and beautiful.

I grew up in Tasmania on fifty acres - a hobby farm and some seriously steep ground. Weekends were spent with my siblings exploring through bracken fern, trekking up to ‘The Rock’ and swimming in the waterholes. Sounds idyllic, and it was until around the age of thirteen when I realised we had covered all the ground on the farm. Enter a Husqvarna sewing machine and my mum's old collection of patterns that were tucked away in the bottom drawer of our laundry cupboard. Saturday nights suddenly got exciting. Teaching myself to sew while listening to six o’clock rock on the radio was a blast. Growing up on a farm meant jeans and a T-shirt were considered dressing up, so I guess that Is one reason why I gravitated towards making coats. They dress an outfit up without even trying.

At age nineteen I had made up my mind, I knew my path was to try and become a designer. I loved sewing, pattern making and creating so I decided to move from Tasmania to the big smoke of Sydney to study fashion. Three years and a degree later I moved to Melbourne to be closer to family and to start my career in the fast paced fashion industry. I started working for an accessories label that also produced a small clothing collection off shore. The experience was eye opening. The endless emails to offshore producers, the lack of hands on design and pattern making all went a long way in helping me figure out what I wanted to be doing with my career. I wanted the whole cake, I wanted pattern making, I wanted sewing, I wanted designing.... I wanted to be my own boss. I had thought about starting my own label but I had no money and no resources to start, so all I could do was keep chipping away at it. My label - Gehrich. 


In 2010 I left my job and went into retail while designing and making garments from home in my spare time. Working in retail taught me so much about how people shop, what and why they purchase and I really grew to appreciate the various things people look for in fashion. As the end of 2010 approached, I had amassed quite a large range of garments in my tiny shared apartment in Melbourne. As you can imagine, being a creative type, it was pretty messy. Well lets be honest, there was stuff everywhere! So I decided that if I was ever going to start my own label I had better start selling some of my stockpile. Friends and family took a keen interest and not long after I decided to really test myself, I started stocking a few pieces in a small retail space in Hobart, Tasmania. Each garment came complete with hand sewn labels and hand made swing tags. Gehrich had taken its first tentative steps into existence.

I could go on and on about the brand and our values but you can read about that on the "our story" page. So I thought I would finish with a question that people often ask me, "where does my inspiration comes from?"

Well I find inspiration in many and sometimes really random things. Music inspires me, nature inspires me, day dreaming inspires me, but I think people inspire me the most. Sometimes inspiration proves to be elusive but a good book and a massive bowl of ice cream can really help in those situations. When I am designing I always ask myself the same question, “when would I wear this?”. It is so important to ask that question. I am a hopeless romantic (I think my mother’s mills and boon books may have contributed somewhat to this whilst growing up) so generally the answer will run along the lines of ‘well obviously I'd be wearing it when I’m caught running for the tram just as there is a break in a thunderstorm, or ‘this is the perfect first kiss coat’ or ‘when I go out for coffee. I want to be wearing this with my latte looking confident, feeling warm and calm and like I know what I'm doing with my life.’ You get the idea. I like to think most things I create are made for people to live in, not to hinder their everyday activities. I hope you like what we have created and with your support we look forward to many seasons of doing what we love, creating exceptional fashion!