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Our Story

Established in 2013, Gehrich is the eponymous label of Melbourne designer - Samantha Gehrich. Incorporating a philosophy of sustainability, exceptional fibres and limited collections, each Gehrich piece is exclusive, luxurious and crafted to stand the test of time. Blending classic style with contemporary flair and an element of 60's mod, Samantha strives to design wearable garments that can seamlessly fit into any modern wardrobe. 

After graduating from the Whitehouse Institute of Design in 2008, Samantha decided to focus her creative talent on designing outerwear as a platform into the fashion industry. Having long been influenced by her rural upbringing, the natural world plays a big role in dictating the movement and functionality of every design as well as fabrication. For this reason, quality natural fibres such as merino wool, cashmere and silk are all favoured textiles and feature heavily in each collection. Each style is imprinted with an element of the designers fun and quirky creative sense and this is reflected in details such as oversized collars, layered cuffs or the freedom of a trapeze cut - subtle injections of artistic flair that add to the appeal of this affordable luxury brand.


- Our Brand Philosophy -


Considered design

Each GEHRICH piece is an original design led by our designer and founder - Samantha Gehrich. Our designs are considered in both form and function, with a strong focus on creating timeless styles that keep the wearer looking and feeling exceptional, season after season.

Sustainable Collections

At GEHRICH we truly believe that less is more! and that's why we choose to limit each of our collection sizes. This help us to be a more sustainable brand while offering a more exclusive product to each and every customer.

Ethical Operation

At GEHRICH we are dedicated to operating in an ethical and socially responsible way.
We proudly choose to produce our garments in Australia and support local industry wherever possible.  


We won't sell you a fantasy. We live, work and play in the real world. We
value courtesy and like our customers, we expect responses to questions,
assistance with a problem and transparency where it counts.